Q. I see that you're not taking additional orders in 2022. I placed an order a couple of months ago, will my order be fulfilled?

A. Of course! I'm simply suspending ordering capability so that I can concentrate on fulfilling the many existing orders I have in the queue. I'd also like to take some time to focus on a new initiative I'm working on that I'm hoping to share within the next few months.


Q. Should I refrigerate my cupcakes until I serve them?

A. Keep cupcakes in a cool dry place and out of the sun, 72° or below and  covered until ready to serve. Refrigeration is not recommended, as it may dry out the cake.


Q. I’m having my event outdoors, will the cupcakes hold up?

A. My buttercream frosting is 50% butter. Under the right conditions - 72° and under, out of sunlight and humidity - they’ll thrive! Give them some direct sunlight, heat or humidity and the frosting will react just like butter does. For optimal experience, please keep your cupcakes away from heat and excessive humidity. I don’t recommend refrigeration as it will dry out the cake. Boston Baked Blossoms/Lisa Mackin will not be held responsible for the condition of the cupcakes once delivery/pickup is complete.


Q. How long does the product stay fresh?

A. Always tastiest on the day you receive them! I don't use preservatives so for the best experience I suggest consuming - or wrapping and freezing - the cupcakes within three days of purchase.


Q. Is your kitchen allergen restricted?

A. All of the products I offer, including gluten-free, are made in my residential kitchen which processes the following major allergens: wheat, egg and milk. Although I do not use peanuts or tree nuts in my recipe - they may be present in my kitchen.


Q. Do you provide gluten free options?

A. No I don’t. 


Q. Do you provide vegan, sugar-free or fat-free options?

A. No I don’t. 


Q. Are the bouquets difficult to transport?

A. The 7, 12, 19, 24 & 30 piece bouquets come assembled in a shallow bakery box with no lid. Generally, they’re placed in a large cellophane bag to maintain freshness - or if they are being delivered for immediate use, they are protected by a cellophane sheet. Bouquets and boxes are not packaged with dry ice, freezer bags or insulation sheets. Please plan your pickups accordingly.


Q. Do you ship out of state?

A. Under Massachusetts State Cottage Food Laws I’m not allowed to ship out of state.


Q. Any new flavors on the horizon?

A. Keeping it simple with chocolate and vanilla only. Business on the bottom, party on the top.


Q. Are there any other recommendations on handling the bouquets?

A. When ready to serve, carefully remove the bag and corner units (generally on larger bouquets only). Displaying and carrying the bouquet in the box is suggested as it helps to stabilize the arrangement.

To remove the cupcakes from their container, start at the edge and tug upwards on the green tissue. Once you release one, the rest is easy! Please consume or freeze within three days of purchase for the best results.